Road to CPA Income – Step 1 – Apply for a CPA Network Account

One of the most asked questions I get when I talk about CPA earnings is how can I apply for an account at a reputable CPA network and get approved if I don’t have any experience / I don’t know how to handle the review call / I don’t know what to fill when applying for an account and a thousand other iterations of a similar question.

Welcome to the First post in the series “Road To CPA Income” where I’ll discuss how I create winning campaigns, which networks I use and how I push traffic to my offers. Before we can get to those meaty posts, we need to fix the basics. In this post I discuss how you can easily get your CPA account at any reputable network. Many people dread over the process, forums are full of such people who feel applying for a CPA account is really difficult near impossible. So let’s dive into the topic and get you your CPA account.

If you ask me it’s very simple and in most cases takes only few minutes of your time. Most reputable CPA networks filter there applicants to maintain network quality. Most big name networks like Maxbounty, Peerfly, Clickbooth, Mundo Media etc have a 2 step process to account approval.

First Step – Account Opening Form

All networks have a simple and similar account opening form, in this form they ask for basic details such as your personal information and a little about how you plan to promote offers from the network.

Many first time applicants over think this step, they get stuck thinking what to write.

Pro-tip: Don’t over think this step, write an idea of how you wish to promote the offers. Be truthful, only write about methods you know about because one thing Affiliate Managers hate is to speak with people trying to fool them. You won’t be able to trick these networks, so better write what you know.

Normally the questions ask if you have a website, the kind of offers you promote (verticals), methods you use to promote, any other networks you’re working with and other similar questions.

Many times first-timers who want to promote offers on Adwords, Bing or Facebook don’t have a website and get stuck at the website field, don’t worry you can safely skip that field and explain your method in the promotion activity text box.

In my experience networks easily accept people working on Paid channels or through their own websites. Networks are cautious when the methods suggested include email marketing, classified ads and other free methods as there is a lot of spam involved which many reputable networks don’t want to be a part of.

Also in my experience talking to Affiliate managers, most of the times people applying for accounts and stating Free traffic methods are flagged because they are seen as non-serious as someone who doesn’t want to invest in bringing traffic is most definitely a newbie and just looking to make a quick buck. Most super affiliates and anyone who makes decent money on CPA networks do so using Paid traffic.

Step 2 – Phone Verification

This is where most first-timers get scared, I’ve seen many many many people obsessing over these phone verification calls. They feel the affiliate manager will ask so many questions, or will not approve the account or will feel my english isn’t good. Without a phone review no reputable network will accept an affiliate. This step is just to verify contact details and get a feel of the new affiliate.

Pro-tip: 95% Phone Review calls are less than 3-4 minutes in length. They only very briefly ask about what experience you have, what kind of offers you’d promote and what methods you’ll use.

Some networks call you on your phone while some get in touch via your Skype. Don’t worry about the call, it would be a very simple one just to verify the details in the form and get a feel of your experience. Normally the call would be few minutes long as Affiliate Managers are very busy people, they have dozens of accounts to verify each day and also handle their running affiliates so they won’t spend a lot of time talking to you. But that also means you have to impress them enough in 2 minutes that they approve your account. Again if you’re pushing Paid traffic the call would be very simple just asking about channels you use and the kind of offers you promote.

Normally it takes only 5-10 minutes to apply for a CPA network. After that they call you based on their schedule or in some networks like Maxbounty you can give your Affiliate Manager a call as well, because when you apply your affiliate manager is assigned and you get his/her contact information. Sometimes taking the initiative and giving them a call before they call you can also work in your favour as it shows your interest.

So what are you waiting for? Go on and start applying to these networks and starting earning money. If you need any help feel free to comment on the post and I’ll be happy to give you advice.

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