Looking back at 2017

It’s already 1st of January, 2017. Time flew by, I still remember vividly sitting on my desk on Sunday 1st of January, 2017 planning to start my new job with Jovago.net a Rocket Internet venture as the Global Head of Marketing & Global Chief Marketing Offer (CMO) for Asia. I started working with them from Monday 2nd of January, 2017. Just couple of weeks ago Rocket Internet decided to pull the plug on Jovago’s Asia business because lack of External Investor Interest.

I was planned to move to Singapore to join another Rocket Internet venture but decided not to go ahead with that plan, for me 2018 is also a year I plan to spend in Pakistan as I have recently become a Father of a handsome little baby boy and didn’t want to make such a big decision to move my family half way across the world and also away from my parents and other relatives.

Some key milestones and successes I achieved during 2017 for which I’m immensly grateful.

  • Joined Rocket Internet & Jovago as the Global Head of Marketing for Asia
  • Became a father
  • Visited Myanmar, Thailand, Bangladesh & Saudi Arabia
  • Read 108 books. Target was 110 so I was 2 short, but still I’m happy with 108
  • Had the privilege to work with one of the best teams I’ve had (Adeel, Misbah, Kulsum, Maazia, Fatima, Asim. You guys are destined to become AMAZING marketers)
  • Learnt key concepts of Machine Learning and Big Data
  • Started my own Ecommerce Side Hustle
  • Experimented and Succeeded with Dropshipping based Ecommerce
  • Re-started Journaling my life
  • Recently joined a leading IT/SaaS company as AVP Growth and Marketing
  • and many other small events which would make this list too long

2017 was an eventful year, after returning from Dubai in late 2016, 2017 was set to be a year of rebirth as I wanted to establish my base back in Pakistan and I have done so successfully as well.

So what is in store for 2018? I plan to focus more towards learning and developing my own SaaS/Technology based products. 3 are already in the pipeline and being developed.

I’m also planning to travel more in 2018 and visit atleast 5-6 countries.

I think its time to come out in the open for myself and start building a network and brand around myself and start distributing what I have learnt and my experiences to new aspiring marketers.

Whatever may come in 2018, It’s my time now and I’m ready!