How to Build a Niche Website that earns atleast $300 per month

In September 2003, I was starting out with Digital Marketing. At that time not much information was available and everything was new. I was determined to use this new industry to my advantage and start building some income online. I started with Article Writing for Associated Content (Now closed) in 2004 which started paying me $4-7 per article. That was the POC (Proof Of Concept) I needed, I knew I could earn online.

I started working on a concept called Micro Niche Sites (MNS) during those early years, it was very easy to just pick a niche, get a domain, write 2-3 articles and get top spots on Google searches for long-tail keywords. It was basically easy money at that time, I started building new websites every week, growing my Google Adsense account every month. I was en-route to building my ONLINE EMPIRE. By 2008, I had a portfolio of over 500 websites, some earning $10 per day, some getting $10 per month. But when you multiply the earnings to 500+ websites it becomes huge money. By 2010, I was bored of Micro Niche Websites and started selling my portfolio to fund other projects I was working on. Normally these sites sell for anywhere from 8 months to 15 months of revenue. For example, a website earning $100 per month consistently for 6 months can be sold for $800 to $1500.

For the past few years, I haven’t created many new Micro Niche Websites as I was busy with other projects, but 2017 would be a year when Micro Niche Sites are one of my focus areas. I plan to develop 200+ websites in 2017. So what’s the purpose of this post? I’m very experienced with the MNS concept and wanted to teach my blog readers how to do it.

This would be a multi-part series, which you can follow and start building your first Micro Niche Website and then grow it to $300 per month. Once that’s done you can start creating new websites and following the same formula. I’ll be taking you on a journey to financial freedom using the MNS concept. I’ll be posting follow-up articles every week which you can follow. Every week I’ll touch on a new concept and take you forward on the MNS journey.

For this first post, let’s discuss what are Micro Niche Sites and how do they work?

Micro Niche Sites are mostly information blogs targeted towards a very specific niche. They provide information to visitors on a specific topic.

What is a Micro Niche?

A niche essentially means a topic and Micro niche is a sub-topic. Let me explain with an example.

Cats is a Niche

Siamese Cats is a Sub Niche

How to Train Siamese Cats is a Micro Niche

To develop an MNS you can either use the Sub-Niche (More Search Competition) or choose the Micro Niche which is very targeted.

What do you need to start an MNS?

Starting a Micro Niche Site is easy. You just need to do a lot of research to select your Micro Niche. Apart from that you need:


  • Domain
  • Hosting
  • WordPress
  • Google Adsense Account


  • Keyword Research Tool (Long Tail Pro is good)

How much content is needed for an MNS?

Before all the Google updates, making an MNS was very easy. Few articles would be enough to run an MNS. But with all the updates and Google cracking down on “Thin Websites” it’s necessary to develop websites with a lot of content.

I recommend at least 5-6 articles of 500 words each to start the website. After that add 1 article per week to keep the website fresh and to target more and more long tail keywords.


That’s all for the introductory post regarding Micro Niche Websites. As this topic is long I expect at least 10-12 articles in the series where we will go through every detail of the Micro Niche Site building process and once the website is built we will also discuss SEO and marketing to generate revenue and I’ll end the series with a post on how to sell your websites and scale your concept by creating a system to launch 1 website every week.

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